Saturday, October 13, 2007


Man, am I glad this week is coming to an end today!! If you read my post on Monday that was just the beginning!! Lol!! But, yesterday was awesome!! I got to spend the day with my bff Amy all day scrapbooking!!! It is definitely what I would call my happy place type of thingy!! We were at Archiver's by 10am and scrapped all day working on various projects for Hannah's and then we were lucky enough to also be able to stay for the Scrap Mania crop last night at Archiver's as well so we didn't even have to pack up until it was time to go home at 11pm!!! I truly believe that everyone needs a day of total non-stop creativity to keep their soul happy!! I am a crazy girl this I know but hey it works for me!!

Now, for the promised photo of my Frame that I did for Hannah's with my niece Navarina's school photo. Please excuse the really bad photos since I didn't take them before I handed in this project I had to take them at the store and needless to say they are definitely not good but will at least give you an idea.

See I told you the photos were bad and I tried everything that I know to fix them and just gave up because all I was doing was making them worse!!

I also finally finished a layout I have been working on for Hannah's using the Prima Paintables line of papers and Twinkling H2Os. This layout features my Mom during chemo for breast cancer when she lost all of her hair. My sister put tatoos on her bald head for fun and Mom loved them! As the would start to wear off she would help Mom with a new one and they ranged anywhere from roses to dragons and harley stuff!! To me this is a true testament of her personality! Mom has always lived life outloud with great exuberance! She is now a 4 year cancer survivor with many more years of living outloud to go!! I love you Mom!!!


Marci Knecht said...

You did a fabulous job with the Prima page, I hope you send that in to them for the contest ;) I love that you scrapped such a personal moment for your Mom. Great job!

Sue Louzao said...

Tracy I check on your blog almost everyday it is great even to see Mom in her beautiful bald head and the tatoo. Miss ya