Wednesday, June 25, 2008

TV Weekly!!

I have added a new function to my blog for all of you crafters out there who love to watch and learn new techniques! If you scroll down to or near the bottom you will see the TV Weekly Player so that you can watch the latest shows right here on my blog! I must tell you that I have been a fan of TV Weekly since they first started their site a couple of years ago. I love the detailed step by step instructions for doing the different techniques and I love getting to see the artists at work! So check it out and let me know what you think! Each Friday there will be a new show to watch with a new technique so stay tuned! TFL!!, Tracy

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Clearly Heavy Hambly OverLay!!!

Don't get too excited because this is definitely not a new project but an old one I did awhile back before life got so crazy! So here is the clear acrylic album I did of my Great Niece Nav's 14th Birthday:

I used the Hambly Clearly Heavy Overlay and cut it into 4 equal sections using my trimmer. I then took and cut the one edge of each page with my scallop scissors into graduated sizes so that when I put the book together a little bit of the ruffle look would peek out from under the top page. I then took the awesome 12 inch border stamp from Paper Trunk and stamped the edges all the way around of each page using StazOn in Black. I then decorated the pages of my mini using the Cherry Arte "Girl Power" line of awesome papers along with some of the felt from Fancy Pants, embellisments from American Crafts, and the crocheted orange butterfly Maya Road!! I used the Zutter Bind-it-All to bind my pages and finished it off with a bow of some lucious lacy black trim!! Finished!! Nav loved it which makes this Great Aunt feel pretty darn good! So there you have it! I thought maybe since things have started to settle down here and I have actually gotten some MOJO back, I should start posting some creative stuff again!
Well, that is all for now! Lol!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happiness Can Come in Bucketfulls!!!

I don't know if it is just the weather or the fact that I have gotten to spend so much quality time with my Hubby lately or what it is but let me tell you I have not felt this happy in so long that I am enjoying it to the maximum!! And also some really good news on the Mom front came this last Tuesday just after I posted the MIA post that I am still reeling from it! Mom has come home to stay now for as long as her health stays so excellent!! Shocked are you? Well so am I!! This news came to me after such a long, long stint of her not doing good at all and my sisters and I crying and asking the Lord how much more does Mom need to go through before you decide enough is enough!! The day right after I posted, Mom was taking to her Doctor by both of my sisters to get some answers and to find out if she was really starting to get Alzheimer's and is she declining that badly that nothing can be done, etc.. Well the result of the doctor's appt. was such a good one that she is now home and doing really well at my sister Kay's house! I even have gotten to talk with her a few times on the phone since she has been home and she sounds so so good that I am feeling some peace finally! I just love her so much and couldn't stand the thought of losing her anytime soon whether it was mentally or not let alone how hard it must be to be in her shoes! So I can finally say there is awesome news on that front which I must say I owe to all of your thoughts and prayers! Thank you all so much!!! Ok, now onto another wonderful thing that happened that I am just enjoying so much right now!!! Hubby has been taking me out on the weekends for some alone time away from the house and all of the things that need doing, etc. and just doing some sight seeing or like today we went to the Kenosha Art Festival! It was awesome to get the chance to just walk around in the sun and look at all the pretty pretties that others have made with their own hands! Okay, okay if you know me well enough you also know that I can't resist me some pretty pretties so here is a picture of my score of the day: Isn't she a beauty!!!! And of course she is stylin' my favorite color combo of all time!! Orange and Lime Green!!!! She is a "MaxiPink Designs" Purse and the artist Pamela Siehr is a way cool Gal!! I am hoping Pamela will also make some rocking billfolds to match her beautiful purses someday!! Pamela is from Madison, Wisconsin and let me tell you she is one artist I will be following!! Just looking at my luscious purse makes me feel so happy and summery inside!! Oh and I forgot to mention the purchaser of this slice of happiness was the Hubby of course and he couldn't have gotten this girl a better gift!! Lol!! Okay, enough of my happy bubbliness for today! Lol!! I am gonna get back to work on my studio so that maybe someday I will have happy photos of that, that I can show you! One can only hope!!
Thanks for stoppin' by!!,