Sunday, September 28, 2008

OMG!! New Kit Club!!

I just have to tell you all about this awesome new kit club that I have stumbled upon recently and joined the second they went live!!!! Ok, first off if you know me well you know that this Girl has a vintage twist in her soul!! Lol!! Well, this club speaks to that vintage soul of mine like no other!!! Kenner Road!!! I will put a link to them over on my side bar today so that you can check them out if so inclined. This weekend was the Scrap Pink event at Hannah's and let me tell you this 1st kit of happiness from Kenner totally kept me occupied and happy like no other!!!!! I finished 2 layouts, which for me is a freakin' miracle in itself!!! With out further ado here our my layouts from my 1st kit from Kenner Road!!!! Of course I had to add some stuff from my overly abundant stash to help me eliminate stuff overload, but, 99% used is the kit!! This is one kit that I will definitely be using up completely and that is a rarity for me. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for stoppin' by, Tracy

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Got Sketch 102

Here is my version of the class's 1st sketch as promised: This layout is all about my baby Sabrina and her very sassy attitude! Gotta love that about her because it so makes her who she is!! I am still far behind in the classes but there are no time constraints in this class so I am a happy camper about that!! Lol!! Especially since I am the slowest scrapper on the face of the earth! And tomorrow night I will be working on another sketch from the classes while I am at the Scrap Pink Crop at Hannah's! I am looking forward to a great weekend of scrappin' my little heart out! Hope you all have a great weekend!! Thanks for stoppin' by, Tracy

Enabling Alert!!

I just thought I should warn you about this post being about a recent purchase that I had made that is totally scrapbook related! Lol!! I have been printing my photos from home for along time now and just wasn't real happy with the quality of the prints. My biggest pet peeve about them was that if I touched them no matter how long they had been dry after printing they would smudge or leave marks! Not a happy camper can you tell!! Well, I have been looking at the Epson Picture Mate since I first saw them in use back when Scrapbooks Etc. had their online Scrapbook Show that I watched religiously (sad note; they no longer do the show! :(). Anyways, that is where my love and want for this machine first started to bloom and on top of it the machine itself is not that espensive especially with the awesome quality you get!! So I finally broke down and got it!! Yes, I did!! And I absolutely love this little bugger and I do mean LOVE!! The quality is even better then professional lab quality!! I thought at first yeah right, but yes it is!! I recently reprinted a photo that had gotten a smudge on it and let me tell you WOW!! The color is out of this world, so sharp and crisp and I can stick my fingers all over it and no smudges or marks!! Gotta love that!! Ok, I am done and will climb down off my soap box now!! Lol!! I promise to post a photo of my layout from Got Sketch 102 sometime in the next couple of days. Thanks for stopping by!!, Tracy

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Not Much Going On.....

here right now but, this coming weekend I will be Scrappin' Pink at my lss!! I can hardly wait!! It seems like forever since I have gotten out and scrapped! I will be at this event both days of the event and for signing up for both nights we get a goody bag!! Hmmmm.....I just had to sign up for both days especially since it is for such an awesome cause!! Cancer has hit my life personally in so many ways that if I can do anything to support a cure I am on it! And what a better way then doing what I love on top of it! Is anyone else going to be supporting the cause out there by joining a Scrap Pink event in their area or online? I would love to hear about it! I received an email today from my sister Kay with a new pic of my Great Nephew Domenic!! He is just so dang stinkin' cute that I just can't help but smile with joy when I see his little cherub face!! Here is the latest: Such a cutie!! I have been working on another layout from Got Sketch 102 and as soon as it is finished I will share it with you all. Thanks for stopping by, Tracy

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Have you joined.......

Got Sketch 102? If you haven't you are missing out!!! And I can tell you that it is still not too late to join, so, what are you waiting for?! Lol!! Just click on the blinkie for it in my side-bar to find out more. Ok, as you can already guess I joined the second I heard there was going to be a 102 because I had taken 101 and totally loved it. I unfortunately didn't have time to actually do any of the 101 sketches but this time around I am trying to correct that by getting my scrappy bum in gear. Here is my first layout that I have done for the class which actually is the pre-class challenge which means I am really behind but hey that is the cool thing about this class.....there are no deadlines!!! I also used one of my Scarlet Lime Kits for this layout as well with a little of my own stash thrown in. I did this layout of my hubby doing what he loves to do which is work out in the yard and the garden (which for us right now is not your typical garden because of renting)making it look absolutely gorgeous for me!! Love that man!! Enjoy, Tracy