Friday, November 30, 2007

Live, Laugh, Love

I turned in this 3 frame hanging set DT project yesterday at our meeting and found out it was hard to part with!! Lol!! I used the Marah Johnson Marquis line of paper from Creative Imaginations which is to die for!! Love, love, love it! I made this piece with my studio in mind so that when I get it back it will grace my wall. I had a lot of fun using the Making Memories Specialty Glazes on this along with their family of acrylic paints as well! And then of course my favorite stand by item, that I just love, Judikins Diamond Glaze! This is another one of my can't live without products (trust me I can't!!). I took the pics at the store so the lighting isn't the greatest and photo shopped them to death so hopefully you can see the detail and enjoy them as much as I do!
Here are some close ups of the individual frames to help see the details.

Now, I am going to get my hinder busy and work on my Funky Vintage album for the store so that I can have it done to turn in by next Friday which is crop night at Hannah's! I love the Making Memories Funky Vintage line and can't wait to start working with it!! Love the colors! OOOOHHHHH, and before I forget, I am so excited about tomorrow!!!! Tomorrow Amy and I are going to Hannah's and taking the 3 awesome classes instructed by none other than Danelle Johnson using the Creative Cafe line of goodies!!! Can you tell I am beyond excited!!?! Is it tomorrow yet? Lol!! And just so you know I haven't forgotten that alot of you have asked to see pics of my studio once I have it finished. I am still working on it and once I have completely finished, pics ye shall see! I promise!
Time to get cracking!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! I hope your day is filled with family and friends and all the things to be thankful for!! Tracy

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Whole Week!!!!!

Yes, a whole week has zoomed by and I don't really know where it went!?! I am in one of those black holes in space maybe? Could be for all I know!! Lol!! I am still working on finishing up some touches in my studio. It is taking me awhile but it is definitely a labor of love and I soo want this new "lay of the land" to work for me this time and help to speed up my process of scrapbooking cause lord knows I need to be able to find stuff way faster then I have been able to in the past! That, I swear, is where 90% of my times is spent just looking for stuff!! Crazy and desperate searching!! Lol! So, anyways, once I am finished I will post some pics of the way things end up and whether I love it or not. I also am still battling that cold thingy that I have had for over a month now and let me tell you this thing is brutal! Brutal I say because it makes you think you are feeling lots better and then bammmmmm back on the floor wondering what the heck hit you!! I just want it to go away and do it this time for good!! Is that tooo much to ask? Ok, that is enough for now maybe later tonight I will try and post some pics of something but for now I need to get back to working on this room so that I can work in here! From the Black Hole, TracyL

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Peace Filled Sunday's Sunday and I am taking a day of rest! Now before you get too excited about the word rest let me tell you what it means to me. Rest to me is a day for my creative side to get the chance to soar un-cluttered with the living of day to day stuff! With this thought in mind I began an adventure on Saturday of making my studio space much more conducive to "being at rest"! I know, I know my idea of rest is definitely not every one's but hey it works for me! Lol!! Oh yeah back to what I did on Saturday......I took a long hard look at my space and decided it was way too cluttered (with scrapbooking stuff of course) to the point that I couldn't breathe in there! What is a creative soul to do when it is being smothered? Well, this one purged!! Lol!! Big time purged, like got rid of furniture even! I took and totally emptied one side of my room to start with of everything in it and then did a spring cleaning along with the help of my handsome hubby! Once that was done it was time to asses what really needed to come back into the space and what didn't. It was definitely a hard assessment to make since I think I need everything and more because God forbid I should need it and it isn't available! (Hence the feeling of being overwhelmed lately) I finally decided that all that was needed on that side of the room would be the computer desk with only the necessities which are the computer the all-in-one printer, a shelf system and the tv and stand, a small trash next to the computer and my paper shredder! Wow, that seems like alot but not anywhere near what was on that one side of the room before! I also washed walls so all hangy stuff is gone at the moment! I am absolutely loving this side of the room! So much so that I am not wanting to even approach the other side!! Lol!! It is way to scary over there!! That is where the majority of the huge storage units are that hold all my scrappy stuff and I do mean huge!! That whole side of the room overwhelms me with fear! What can I live without and what can't I? Will I be able to make this decision easily? Heck no!! That side needless to say is in hiatus until I have the strength to tackle it which is coming in spurts! At least I have one side done and it is definitely conducive to "being at rest"!! I have been planning the other side in my head as of now and hoping that once I go to put my ideas to work that they actually do work over there on the other side! Ok, enough of that kinda stuff; now it is time for some past layouts that I did a long time ago just so that my blog has some pics! Lol!!

There, I am done blogging for the day and need to go start some supper for the hungry man in the house. Life beckons!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Finished and waiting.........

for the rest of the stuff to come in for my Mini Album of the Month kit that I put together so that we can start selling it at Hannah's. I know, I know, I am the Queen of run on sentences!! Lol!! And I just keep on a running!! Anyway, the mini album is finished and in stand still mode for a little bit. It was definitely a labor of love! I just hope it is received well once it is up and running! I think as an artist we all feel that way about something we have made. It is that little lack of self confidence I guess. I am who I am though and that will never change and that is the way my work is too! I have been told that I take too long to create a layout and that I put way too much attention to detail! But, hey who has really got the right to say that anyways!! I mean heck, I am the one making it and I am the one that is enjoying the process so say what you want to but I am gonna do it the way I do it regardless and I am ultimately the one that has to be happy with what I do right?! And then if no one likes it so what!! Man, did I just go off on a tangent and vent or what!! I guess I just needed to give my self a reminder talk! The kind that if my Dad where still alive he would have given me whenever I was feeling down or doubtful about myself! Man, Daddy I miss you soooo much!! Okay now that I have tears in my eyes it is finally time to post the pics of the finished album. So here it is...........

Okay, that was just a teaser!! Lol!! Here are the inside pages...........

And now for my favorite photo of them all.........................................
Isn't she just the cutest!! This is one of my furry babies Sabrina and she was just letting me know that she wanted to help!! Gotta love it!!
Thanks for looking and thanks for putting up with my ramblings!,

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Where has the time gone?

It is already November 7th and I just can't put my finger on it but somehow the time has just flown by and before we know it a new year will have arrived!! I always thought that time flew by so slowly when I was younger but it seems like the older I am getting the faster it goes. I should think it would be the other way around so that we could actually have more of it to appreciate with our aging wisdom, don't you think?! Lol!! That is my story and I am sticking to it!! Well, enough of that time stuff now for some eye candy! These are some layouts that I did in the past for another design team that I was on and some are just ones I did for me! Some more of my "Jewels" as I like to call my photos of family and friends!

I have to get these loaded to my slide show eventually and then I can cross another thing off of my list of to do's. Hope everyone is having a very safe and happy November! If you get a chance click on the comment button and say Hi!! I would love to hear from you!