Sunday, October 7, 2007

It's Sunday!!!

This is my favorite day of the week!! To me it is not just part of the weekend to me it is all on it's own! A day of rest, restoration, renewal and a clean beginning! This is the beginning of my week and what better way to spend it then just putzing around doing things that are spiritually uplifting! Alot of different things can be spiritually uplifting but for me it is just spending the day in a creative mode, seeing things through an artistic eye, all the wonders that God has created on this beautiful earth right down to the veins in a leaf! Taking time to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us!! Open your mind to these things and let the creative juices flow and wrap themselves around everything that is in your environment inside and out! Looking at things through the creative eye allows us to see things in a whole new light! To be truly creative, because I am such a visual person, I have to surround myself with lots and lots of eye candy!! To me some of the most beautiful eye candy is right out my back door into the world that God created! It is full of so many gorgeous details, colors, textures, feelings, smells, and I could just go on and on!!! So, look at the world around you today with a different eye, take time to smell the roses persay! Let me know what you see today and what inspires you to create. Life is good!! Enjoy it!!

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