Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Holidays

I just wanted to pop in during this busy time of the year and wish everyone Happy Holidays!! Also, an update on everything that has been going on. I have not heard anything back from the base yet regarding my dr. appointments yet! I am still in standby mode and have an appt. during the first part of the New Year so hopefully something will have been figured out by then or I will probably have to go through more testing. So that is where that stands for now. I would also like to ask for everyone's prayers for a very special little girl who is in need of them right now. Her name is Audre and she is my friend Marci's daughter and is going through alot right now health wise with a very rare illness. Last I heard she was in the hospital so please pray for this special little angel and keep her in your hearts this holiday season.

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Friday, December 7, 2007

What a week!!

I am so glad that it is almost over!! This week most of my time has been taken up with running back and forth to dr. appts. at the base. On Tuesday at my routine cancer check-up I was told by my dr. that she suspects that I have developed Lupus!! I was totally taken back and shocked by that statement!! What the heck!! So needless to say that began my the long week of tests and I am exhausted just from going back and forth! I don't believe that I have Lupus in any way shape or form. I think this is just their way of putting an answer to all of the problems that I have had since I went through chemo 15 1/2 years ago! I mean come on, nothing works right since I had it and I developed all sorts of complications which in other words would be organ failures up the ying yang! So like a good girl I take all these meds they give me to keep everything running and functioning as well as can be which to me is pretty damn good if I don't say so myself!! Lol!! I live each day to it's fullest and in no way shape or form do I ever want anyone's sympathy because life for me is awesome!! I feel my life is way more enriched because of what I have been through not depleted!! So man oh man don't be throwing another thing at me because in my book so what! Life is still going to get lived and lived to it's fullest regardless of any new diagnosis! To me illness is just the bad trying to hold us back and I am not and will not be held back for or by nothing so bring it on!! I know, I know today I am getting a little preachy but dang it we are given this awesome gift each day to live and enjoy what God has made!! Today I am really reflecting on how awesome life really is and that if you maintain the PMA (positive mental attitude) nothing, I say nothing can stand in your way whether you are a healthy individual or someone with some bad stuff that you are dealing with! Life is short so grab the bull by the horns and live it baby, live it!! Okay, I am done now!! Lol!! Oh, and before I forget I am off to Hannah's tonight for the Crop and let me tell you it is going to be awesome!! There are going to be lots of demos and give aways and of course a new "Queen of the Crop" that I will be crowning tonight!! So major fun is to be had by all!!! Hope to see you there!! TFL, Tracy