Monday, October 8, 2007

Busy Monday!!

Wow, today has been a busy day for me and I am not really sure why?! Lol!! I guess if you put stuff off till tomorrow, tomorrow will be Monday?! I think that is what happened to me, all the stuff I kept putting off to do has just all accumulated to today and I just can't put it off any more! Man, I hate when that happens!! I had to take the car in for it's check-up, work on grooming a dog that definitely doesn't want to be groomed, take some returns back to the store, put the new sticker on the license plate, figure out what we are gonna eat for supper and then actually cook it, clean my studio so that I can actually work in there, and the list goes on and on!! So far most of this is accomplished now but the clean studio so I am off to do that while I watch my favorite show "Dancing with the Stars"!! Hope everyone had an awesome day!! TFL!! :) TracyL

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