Sunday, March 14, 2010

Some Excitement!!

The store, "Not Just Scrap", that I design for was asked to sponsor a really awesome exhibit at the Northport Historical Society Museum!! Diana called awhile back and asked if it would be okay to use my layout of Terry's Mom and Dad with the Prima stuff for the exhibit!! Needless to say I was on cloud 9 and said yes!! I am so happy for Diana that her store was asked to sponsor this awesome exhibit!! I mean, seriously, how cool is that!!?!! I hope to get the chance to go and see it sometime this summer! If you live on Long Island and are a scrapbooker you should definitely check it out! What an awesome opportunity to see how others throughout history have documented their memories!! The exhibit will run from now till the end of August. Here is the flyer: To see a layout of mine on exhibit is just mind blowing to me and such an honor too! Thank you Diana!! As always thank you for stopping by my little home on the web!! Tracy

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Something I Feel Strongly About!

Hi everyone!! Today I am stopping in to bring some awareness to a person and cause that I truly believe in and feel very strongly about! It is Bernie Berlin and the unbelievable awesome work that this girl and her "A Place To Bark" do! If you know me you know how much I love all the wonderful furry, scaly, slippery, soft, cuddly, etc. creatures that exist on our planet and how they all deserve the right to a life of quality where they can exist in a safe and loving planet earth! Well, Bernie is a person with very similar beliefs and dreams!! Love that about her so much!! She has been able to make a dream of hers (& one that I share and have always wanted to be able to do) come true for her doing what she loves and also what needs to be done! So, please take a moment and check out her site at and her blog and help her out in anyway that you can even if it is just spreading the word about her work! I have also included a badge on the right side of this page to help spread the word. Okay, I am down off my soapbox for now and thought I would finally share the finished layout that I have done for "Not Just Scrap". Here it is: Ok I am sitting her looking at this photo of this layout and am not too happy with it so I will try to take another pic soon and post it because this one does not do it justice! Sorry!! Thanks for stopping by and sharing a moment with me in my world!! {{{{HUGS}}}} Tracy