Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back to Reality!!

As time is flying by I am reminded more and more that it is time to get going on all of the projects that have been hanging in the shadows all summer long waiting for their chance to get finished! And boy oh boy do I have the pile of unfinished projects! They are unfinished for a reason though, like the one that just never really started to be the way I wanted it to be or the one that I need photos from someone to finish or the one that was a Christmas gift last year and the person the gift was for didn't get me the photos until the begining of summer! So basically now that the summer is winding down fast and fall weather should be coming along anytime now I am finally feeling inspired to get to these past ghosts of projects worked on and hopefully finished. Am I the only one with a ton of unfinished projects laying around waiting to be revived and hopefully finished someday? I sometimes feel like I am the only one if you know what I mean. This is my reality and I must face it! I have come up with an idea to help me accomplish this reality and get it done. This is my idea, such as it may be, to take each project and work on it for one week and one week only. If the project is finished at the end of one week yay for me but if it is not it will go to the end of the pile of projects again to cycle through and hopefully that way it will eventually get finished! I know it sounds crazy but crazy is what seems to work for me when it comes to any kind of challenge in my life and trust me this is a challenge! I get bored really easy when it comes to projects that take too long and hopefully this way will keep it fresh either that or I will dread the next project since it might be one that didn't get finished the first time around! AHHHHHH!! That seems to be the only thing that is hanging around my neck this week and eating at me so wish me luck!! I will try to update my progress as I make it and hopefully will find lots more to blog about then my lack! TFL!! TracyL

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Where does the time go?!

Wow! The weekend was evidently so much fun that the time just flew by!! Lol!! The crop on Saturday was awesome!! I got to spend some much needed time with my bf and a couple of other ladies that we met! Let me tell you these ladies rocked!! It is just such a comfort to sit down at a table with a group of ladies to crop and they all get this crazy, addicting thing we call scrapbooking!! It is just totally cool to be with people that get you if you know what I mean!! The crop was from 12pm to 12am at my local Archiver's which in itself is awesome! Then we got these Tim Holtz Embossing Powder Tins that had some Heidi Swapp goodies in it as our gift. They also had an area set up with the alcohol inks so that we could alter it if we wanted to and of course I had to alter mine! I mean heck what fun is it if I haven't gotten myself all full of ink!?! So I made mine Green and then put some of the Silver Lining rubons from WeRMemoryKeepers Precious Metals line of goodies! What fun!! I even accomplished a layout which for me is a task in itself since I am the slowest scrapper on the face of the earth since I way tooo much enjoy the process then the completed page! Isn't that terrible! I am a scrapbooker and it is more about the creative end of it then the memories for me! Oh well to each his or her own right! That is the beauty of this world!!! It takes different folks with different strokes to make the world go round!! Then of course on Sunday my hinder was a dragging! So I considered Sunday my day to just relax and putz in my studio. All in all a very good weekend! So how was your weekend? Did you do anything creative? TFL!! Tracy

Friday, August 17, 2007

What a long week!!

Wow!! When they say life can throw you lemons they weren't kidding! I am trying as hard as I can to make lemonade out of them but for some reason this time I am struggling. My big dream is to work in this wonderful industry called scrapbooking and actually get paid to do it. I have been on my lss's design team for 2 years and just learned a little over 2 weeks ago that they are closing! I am losing my home crop store and of course no more design team. A very sad day but I understand the reasoning behind the closing and the 2 girls that own the store are very special to me as friends and are like family so I wish them all the best. I have begun the search for a new lss cropping home and another design team to help me keep creating and doing what I love. So, I started checking out other stores in the area once I had an inkling that things were going to change and found a place and have tried going at least 1 to 2 times a month when they hold their crops. Many months ago (I can't remember how many) at one of the crops it was mentioned that this store was looking into starting a design team and if anyone was interested to give them my phone number and email address so that they could contact us. So of course I gave them my info in the hopes of being on a design team again! Keeping my fingers crossed haven't heard anything yet...........maybe soon?! I have done more layouts in the last 5 weeks then I have done in forever!! I have been in this contest which has really inspired me to step outside of the box and do stuff that I haven't done before or never really tried. Here is one of those layouts:

Well that is all for tonight since tomorrow I need to get up early and be ready to go to an all day crop at Archiver's!! :) I am so excited to get out and have some fun and of course shop!!
Good Night,

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Oh my gosh!!! I can't believe I have taken another big step in life!!! Starting my own blog!! I know, I know, to some it is not that big a deal but for me...........WOW!!! Huge step!! I believe as humans wandering around on this great big planet that we should take as many big steps outside our comfort zone as possible. We have nothing to fear but fear itself, which is an awesome quote that someone wrote a really long time ago, which if I were a better blogger I would have also found out who that someone was for all of you but, this is my first time and we will just leave it at that! Be prepared for many run on sentences because I am the queen of those!! Lol!! Anyway world here I am in my own small section of the planet making a footprint and hoping to make many more. My blog will mostly be about scrapbooking since that is my major, and I do mean major, addiction in life!! I will post layouts I have done and someday I hope to post some challenges for us all to get our creative juices flowing since it is no fun to have dried up juices if you know what I mean!! Hope you all have a great night, I am going to go into my studio and get messy with all of my stuff, so I know I will have a great night! Oh by the way I am the night owl of all night owls so night is my time for sure, so don't be surprised to read a post from me that was written at 2:00am! Hey when the juices start flowing you got to ride the wave!!! TFL!!, Tracy