Wednesday, October 3, 2007

As requested!!

My sister Kay has been teasing me that I never mention her in my blog so there you go Sis!! Lol!! You have been officially mentioned!! Lol!! Anyways she also wanted to see a pic of the mini-album that I had done for the design team at the store so here is a pic of the cover.
The rest can be seen "live" at Hannah's in the mini-album display at the store. Such a teaser huh?!! Lol!! Ok, now that I have had enough fun with teasing my Sis for the day I really need to accomplish some other stuff around this studio of mine! I started getting my clear stamps organized so that I can take them with me to crops in the hopes that I will use them more frequently and actually know what I have!! Yeah right!! We will see!!

1 comment:

Marci Knecht said...

I love that album. You have such an eye for combining color. ;)