Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Whole Week!!!!!

Yes, a whole week has zoomed by and I don't really know where it went!?! I am in one of those black holes in space maybe? Could be for all I know!! Lol!! I am still working on finishing up some touches in my studio. It is taking me awhile but it is definitely a labor of love and I soo want this new "lay of the land" to work for me this time and help to speed up my process of scrapbooking cause lord knows I need to be able to find stuff way faster then I have been able to in the past! That, I swear, is where 90% of my times is spent just looking for stuff!! Crazy and desperate searching!! Lol! So, anyways, once I am finished I will post some pics of the way things end up and whether I love it or not. I also am still battling that cold thingy that I have had for over a month now and let me tell you this thing is brutal! Brutal I say because it makes you think you are feeling lots better and then bammmmmm back on the floor wondering what the heck hit you!! I just want it to go away and do it this time for good!! Is that tooo much to ask? Ok, that is enough for now maybe later tonight I will try and post some pics of something but for now I need to get back to working on this room so that I can work in here! From the Black Hole, TracyL


croppin carla said...

Sounds like you have your hands full there missy...
So whats the word? How are things? Getting any Sscrapping done? I didnt do any myself this weekend, I should have but just no inspiration. LOL

Cricket said...

hope you feel better soon Tracy!