Sunday, November 11, 2007

Peace Filled Sunday's Sunday and I am taking a day of rest! Now before you get too excited about the word rest let me tell you what it means to me. Rest to me is a day for my creative side to get the chance to soar un-cluttered with the living of day to day stuff! With this thought in mind I began an adventure on Saturday of making my studio space much more conducive to "being at rest"! I know, I know my idea of rest is definitely not every one's but hey it works for me! Lol!! Oh yeah back to what I did on Saturday......I took a long hard look at my space and decided it was way too cluttered (with scrapbooking stuff of course) to the point that I couldn't breathe in there! What is a creative soul to do when it is being smothered? Well, this one purged!! Lol!! Big time purged, like got rid of furniture even! I took and totally emptied one side of my room to start with of everything in it and then did a spring cleaning along with the help of my handsome hubby! Once that was done it was time to asses what really needed to come back into the space and what didn't. It was definitely a hard assessment to make since I think I need everything and more because God forbid I should need it and it isn't available! (Hence the feeling of being overwhelmed lately) I finally decided that all that was needed on that side of the room would be the computer desk with only the necessities which are the computer the all-in-one printer, a shelf system and the tv and stand, a small trash next to the computer and my paper shredder! Wow, that seems like alot but not anywhere near what was on that one side of the room before! I also washed walls so all hangy stuff is gone at the moment! I am absolutely loving this side of the room! So much so that I am not wanting to even approach the other side!! Lol!! It is way to scary over there!! That is where the majority of the huge storage units are that hold all my scrappy stuff and I do mean huge!! That whole side of the room overwhelms me with fear! What can I live without and what can't I? Will I be able to make this decision easily? Heck no!! That side needless to say is in hiatus until I have the strength to tackle it which is coming in spurts! At least I have one side done and it is definitely conducive to "being at rest"!! I have been planning the other side in my head as of now and hoping that once I go to put my ideas to work that they actually do work over there on the other side! Ok, enough of that kinda stuff; now it is time for some past layouts that I did a long time ago just so that my blog has some pics! Lol!!

There, I am done blogging for the day and need to go start some supper for the hungry man in the house. Life beckons!!


croppin carla said...

Ok Tracy you just made a new friend, saw your post on GBC...first and foremost where in Wisconsin are you? Im in Pleasant Prairie...second of all....LOVE HANNAHS Im in there all the time.....Third we have alot in common, Im 42 years old as well.....ok until dec 15th that is, then I turn 43. Your thread on GBC caught my eye because it was long, but there is alot that you say there that reminds me of me. Love embellies, painting, stamping, ribbon, buttons etc. Go check out my blog the Maya Road album that I just finished this weekend. Anyways wanted to pop ih and check out your blog and introduce myself.....great to have a neighbor here in WI that I can chat with about this lovely hobby!

EquineSpirit said...

Beautiful LOs! Love them!!