Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back to Reality!!

As time is flying by I am reminded more and more that it is time to get going on all of the projects that have been hanging in the shadows all summer long waiting for their chance to get finished! And boy oh boy do I have the pile of unfinished projects! They are unfinished for a reason though, like the one that just never really started to be the way I wanted it to be or the one that I need photos from someone to finish or the one that was a Christmas gift last year and the person the gift was for didn't get me the photos until the begining of summer! So basically now that the summer is winding down fast and fall weather should be coming along anytime now I am finally feeling inspired to get to these past ghosts of projects worked on and hopefully finished. Am I the only one with a ton of unfinished projects laying around waiting to be revived and hopefully finished someday? I sometimes feel like I am the only one if you know what I mean. This is my reality and I must face it! I have come up with an idea to help me accomplish this reality and get it done. This is my idea, such as it may be, to take each project and work on it for one week and one week only. If the project is finished at the end of one week yay for me but if it is not it will go to the end of the pile of projects again to cycle through and hopefully that way it will eventually get finished! I know it sounds crazy but crazy is what seems to work for me when it comes to any kind of challenge in my life and trust me this is a challenge! I get bored really easy when it comes to projects that take too long and hopefully this way will keep it fresh either that or I will dread the next project since it might be one that didn't get finished the first time around! AHHHHHH!! That seems to be the only thing that is hanging around my neck this week and eating at me so wish me luck!! I will try to update my progress as I make it and hopefully will find lots more to blog about then my lack! TFL!! TracyL

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