Friday, August 17, 2007

What a long week!!

Wow!! When they say life can throw you lemons they weren't kidding! I am trying as hard as I can to make lemonade out of them but for some reason this time I am struggling. My big dream is to work in this wonderful industry called scrapbooking and actually get paid to do it. I have been on my lss's design team for 2 years and just learned a little over 2 weeks ago that they are closing! I am losing my home crop store and of course no more design team. A very sad day but I understand the reasoning behind the closing and the 2 girls that own the store are very special to me as friends and are like family so I wish them all the best. I have begun the search for a new lss cropping home and another design team to help me keep creating and doing what I love. So, I started checking out other stores in the area once I had an inkling that things were going to change and found a place and have tried going at least 1 to 2 times a month when they hold their crops. Many months ago (I can't remember how many) at one of the crops it was mentioned that this store was looking into starting a design team and if anyone was interested to give them my phone number and email address so that they could contact us. So of course I gave them my info in the hopes of being on a design team again! Keeping my fingers crossed haven't heard anything yet...........maybe soon?! I have done more layouts in the last 5 weeks then I have done in forever!! I have been in this contest which has really inspired me to step outside of the box and do stuff that I haven't done before or never really tried. Here is one of those layouts:

Well that is all for tonight since tomorrow I need to get up early and be ready to go to an all day crop at Archiver's!! :) I am so excited to get out and have some fun and of course shop!!
Good Night,

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