Monday, September 10, 2007


It is a cold day here in the midwest and rainy on top of it! A good day to snuggle up with a good book and drink some hot cocoa, that is if you don't have a million and one things to do!! Lol!! I definitely have stuff to be doing and am trying my best to get motivated. Oh, by the way, I got hired on to the design team for a local scrapbook store named Hannah's!! Since the other LSS is closing I have been desperately searching for a new crop home and a place to find my supplies when needed and you know the saying from "Cheers"......... "Where everyone knows my name!". Right now there are 4 of us on the DT and we are getting projects to work on left and right so they will definitely be keeping us busy! So for now until the DT projects are accomplished my other stuff is on the back burner again! For our first set of projects I need to make an altered item, 2 to 3 layouts and some cards with the scraps. So my altered project is turning from an 3 fold lace up frame into a board book and I am right now working on doing mirror printing onto transparencies for my journaling in my book. Who knew something that seems so simple could end up being so hard!! What made it so hard was trying to use Word for my journaling and thinking that there must be a way to reverse my print right in the program!!! You would think!! Well heck no! After hours of trying to figure it out and I might add days of asking others for help, I finally decided why not do a search online for how to mirror text!! Duhhhhh!!!!!! Why does the simplest way to find something out always seem to be the last thing I think of?! Anyways, you can just do it in your printing preferences for your printer under the basics tab!!! Urghhhhhh!! Anyways, now it is time to type my little heart out and make some mirror text!! Hope you all in the midwest are enjoying a chill day inside and staying warm!! TFL!! TracyL

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