Thursday, August 16, 2007


Oh my gosh!!! I can't believe I have taken another big step in life!!! Starting my own blog!! I know, I know, to some it is not that big a deal but for me...........WOW!!! Huge step!! I believe as humans wandering around on this great big planet that we should take as many big steps outside our comfort zone as possible. We have nothing to fear but fear itself, which is an awesome quote that someone wrote a really long time ago, which if I were a better blogger I would have also found out who that someone was for all of you but, this is my first time and we will just leave it at that! Be prepared for many run on sentences because I am the queen of those!! Lol!! Anyway world here I am in my own small section of the planet making a footprint and hoping to make many more. My blog will mostly be about scrapbooking since that is my major, and I do mean major, addiction in life!! I will post layouts I have done and someday I hope to post some challenges for us all to get our creative juices flowing since it is no fun to have dried up juices if you know what I mean!! Hope you all have a great night, I am going to go into my studio and get messy with all of my stuff, so I know I will have a great night! Oh by the way I am the night owl of all night owls so night is my time for sure, so don't be surprised to read a post from me that was written at 2:00am! Hey when the juices start flowing you got to ride the wave!!! TFL!!, Tracy

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