Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hurricane Irene!!

Needless to say we made it through Irene with absolutely no damage to our home and only 1 week of no power!!  YAY!!  I have to tell you, it had me pretty scared and worried!  My thoughts and my prayers go out to those that were so badly affected by Irene and still are going through alot because of her!  We were extremely lucky and I am so thankful for that!!

I also in this post wanted to let you all know that I have taken on a little venture with Amuse stamps.  Those of you who know me, know I LOVE my Amuse stamps and when we got transferred out to the east coast I was seriously having some really bad withdrawals just thinking about not being able to go to Craft Fancy in Illinois to get my fix!!  It was so bad that my best buddy Kim said to me "Tracy, it will be ok!!  If I have to go to the store on a weekly basis with you on the phone with me and buy them and ship them to you I will!!"  Needless to say Kim stuck by her word and many boxes full to the brim where shipped from her to me in the first 6 months of us being out here on Long Island!!  Love you dearly Kim, I do, and not just cause you helped to feed my addiction!!  Lol!!  Then a shocking (to me!) announcement came out of Amuse headquarters out in Seattle, WA that Amuse would no longer be a wholesale company distributing to stores around the U.S.!!!??!!   What the HECK!!!?  I was traumatized beyond belief!!  NO!!  I cried and threw temper tantrums!!  I am just not happy not happy at all about this news let me tell you!!   Then a little later I got an email from Amuse stating that I was such an excellent customer that they would like to offer me this awesome ground floor opportunity....to be a consultant and sell Amuse products!?   HUH!!  What the HECK!  I am the type of person that absolutely avoids and dreads running into the home sales people types!!  I know right!!  I do not want to have to clean my house and then worry about snacks, drinks, and furry babies behaving let alone do I have enough friends to hoodwink into coming over to my house so this lady can sell them stuff!  LOL!!  I know I know I am a bad person!!  Lol!!  But it is the wave of the future everyone is constantly saying!!  Yeah I know and I get it but it is just not for me!!  Well......let's just say Tracy has had a huge change of heart because she NEEDS her AMUSE products and she needs them now!!  I have not gone over to the dark side per say but I have gone over to the other side!  Don't worry you will not be getting pushy phone calls from me trying to convince you that you need to book a party from me or anything like that, BUT...I am here for you if you should so wish to do that!  Lol!!  My hopes and dreams for this is to do a workshop out of my home every couple of months to teach others to stamp along with a multitude of techniques.....oh yeah, and supply you with all of your AMUSE NEEDS!!  I know that there are many of you out there just like me that had a huge addiction to their Amuse stamps and loved all the itsy bittyness of them wondering what the heck you were gonna do now that you can't get them anymore in stores....so if you need to feed the addiction I have a badge for them on my side bar which will take you to my store where you can place an order or browse the catalog or even learn some new techniques!!  What more could you ask for huh!?  Lol!!   Oh yeah, they also have brought some awesome new additions to the Amuse family that I am just dying to get all of.....CUTTING DIES!!!  OH YEAH!!  I am so happy about this that I can hardly contain myself!!  I ordered my first couple of sets last week and am just waiting for them to show up and then I will either take some pics of them for you or even....wait for it.....wait for it.....do a VIDEO!!  I know, I know, I have not done a video in so long that it is way over due and maybe I can show you some cool stuff to do with those uber awesome new dies!!  They have super cute little cloud dies and a 2 piece snow globe die for the holidays that is to die (pun totally intended) for!!  I want to also start sharing some pics of my creations I make or made in the past with my Amuse goodies.  I just finished a cute little card to welcome my great great niece Keylee into the world!!  That was a teaser for all my friends wondering how I managed to get a great great niece?  Hmmm.....something for you all to ponder!  Lol!!

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