Friday, April 24, 2009

Long Time No Bloggy!!

The stress of the big move has defintely gotten me finally and I swore it wouldn't but unfortunately I have to be honest!! UGHHHHHH!! or maybe it's AAAGGGGHHHHHH!! I have been working on some crafty things inbetween packing (oh yeah I didn't tell you that hubby decided we were going to pack ourselves!!) keeping the house somewhat organized and clean along with all the other day to day things! I managed to finish the layout I was working on of my inlaws, Mom and Dad Lathrop, so without further ado here it is!! Also finished my niece's 90 some wedding invitations and the hubby's 120 change of command invitations! Can't find the pic of my niece's wedding invitations but once I do (who knows when that will be! Lol!!) I will post it! I have been taking some time to smell the roses persay or I would not be able to stay sane at this time!! Tomorrow I am meeting my awesome good friend Kim at Hannah's with Mom and we are going to spend the day scrapping or crafting or whatever we wind up doing!! Lol!! Another much needed rose smelling trip I say!! Then on Monday I am going to my favorite store in the whole wide world Craft Fancy in Arlington Heights IL!! Awesome store and of course my awesome friend Simone owns it along with Carol and they are awesome so if you get the time check them out because they are definitely well worth the trip! So anyway, on Monday I am taking the Amuse card class taught by the wonderfully talented Simone!! Another fun day I think!! Mom is going to and loves to make cards especially when they are taught by one of her favorite people..... Simone!! Lol!! Mom just loves her!! Ok, now I think I better get my hinder in bed for some much needed rest if you know what I mean!! Lol!! Thanks for stoppin' by!!, Tracy


Cricket said...

Love the layout!!!

I can totally imagine the stress of packing up yourselves, we did that one too..ugh!!!

Looking forward to Friday night..Yay!!!


Karen Geiser said...

Your layout is beautiful. Packing all that stuff -- what a job!

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