Sunday, December 7, 2008

Studio Pics & Scrappy Holiday Stuff

I hope this post finds everyone doing awesome this Holiday Season!!! I am recovering from a night of scrappin' at Archiver's on Friday with all my Scrappy Girls!! I had fun getting to see, chat and scrap with Cricket, Amy, Michelle and Jeanie!! Love you Girls!! Plus we made a new friend at our table,which also happens to be a Michelle, who is new to the area!! What a nice addition she was to our group and she fit in with us perfectly!! I, needless to say, did not get anything done!! Lol!! Why? I don't really know except everything was working against me even the dang automatic doors!! Lol!! Those that were there, especially Amy, know the challenges I faced and that I did not face them very well!! Lol!! But at least I finally got a plan for what I want to do with my Christmas cards this year by the time the crop was over at 11pm! Here is a pic of my proto-type which I still need to fine tune (which may mean the finished product may look entirely different!! lol!): I used the cute little penguin from the Hero Arts Clear Design set "Jolly Christmas"! At first I did not buy this set because I just didn't like the frog on it but needless to say I watched Amy play with her set and just had to have them!! Amy always does that to me!! Lol!! I will post pics of the finished design once I get them all the way I want the cards to look so stay posted!! Now onto my scrap space/studio pics. First off, I have been organizing and rearranging this studio for so long it seemed like I would never be happy with it. Then all of a sudden the day before Thanksgiving I had a brainstorm about my space and decided to put it into action imediately! My hubby was not too thrilled about it but hey he did put his all into helping me anyway!! Lol!! I had this really huge computer desk that just took up so much space and it really only held the computer and printer! Big huge waste of space in this tiny space that I have so I told hubby I wanted it out of here!! He just looked at me with this "aaaaa you said what?!" look on his face and I said "yes, you heard me and I am not going to change my mind"!! So the poor man proceeded to help me haul everything out of my room so that he could tear apart the computer desk. It took him most of the day but once the job was done of tearing that huge desk down and hauling it all to the basement I was in 7th heaven! I had such a huge empty canvas to put my room back together the way I wanted and would be the most productive for me!! I was sooo excited that you wouldn't believe it!! Here are the photos for your viewing pleasure and please keep in mind that the pics are taken while I was working on it so not everything was all put away but pretty darn close: I still need to label all of my canvas bins and other storage stuff with what is in them and then I will be finished!! Finally!! Hope you enjoy the pics! Thanks for stoppin' by!, Tracy


Cricket said...

I had a great time Friday night Tracy!! Love what you finally came up with for your cards!!

Michelle was nice, I meant to give her our email addys in case she wanted to crop again...hopefully we will run into her sometime soon..

Love the new space..I sooo need to get Roger to help me get rid of my big, ugly, space sucking computer desk too!!


Carla said...

Love the space seriously have alot of scrappy stuff! Man.....I thought I was bad, I think you are badder!

Amy Adams (aka Scrapitgal) said...

Friday was sooo much fun. I know it started out rough for you, but we still had a great time!! I LOVE your little penguin card!! He turned out sooo cute. Can't wait to come over and scrap in your newly organized studio. I SEE MY (and Momma Jackie's) SPOT!! Yay!! Love your new blog topper!! That little reindeer is soooo stinking cute!! I just realized I still have my fall topper up!!! Oh when will I ever get caught up???????????

Kath W said...

Cute card and I LOVE your new scrapping space. Enjoy!

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...


I am so excited that we are scrappin soon woman! WOOT!