Monday, July 7, 2008


If you are like me this is like a major holiday in my world!! I have been on the hunt for sneeky peekies of what is coming out new this summer and let me tell you, lots of cools stuff is coming our way into the stores!!! I can't wait!!!! So, I thought I would start showing you some of the sneeky peeks I come across right here on my are you ready? Here is the first one!! MAYA ROAD!!! Love Maya Road!! This is their "new" Gear Chipboard Coaster Album!!!! Oh the possiblilities are just running rampant in my brain!!! Maybe doing these sneek peeks may just get my mojo back in GEAR!! Lol!! Pun intended for sure!! Ok, now for the second sneek from Maya Road...........the "new" Cupcake Chipboard Coaster Album!!!!! Amy is going to freak 'cause she loves her cupcakes!!! I am in Maya Road HEAVEN!!! I can't wait to see these cuties in real life IYKWIM!!! The Gear album is 6" in diameter and the cupcake is 6"x6", so plenty of play space!! Ok, now that I have wetted your appetite I will now have to keep posting some more peeks huh?! Lol!! I will surely do my best!!

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Valerie Chmielak said...

YUMMY Tracy!!! I LOVE Maya Road stuff too! Did you get one of their $40.00 box specials? I NEED one of those cute cupcakes!!